Safer Driving for Teens

There's a compelling video being shown to kids in high schools across the Tri-State. It shows local teens who've survived deadly car crashes and the idea's to keep new drivers from repeating their mistakes.

he video is entitled "3 drivers, 18 lives" and it's been sent to virtually every high school in the Tri-State.

In it, three teenagers, who were either passengers or drivers in 3 tragic crashes tell their stories. You've seen their stories and countless others on the news. Disturbing tri-state statistics prompted the Bethesda North Trauma Program to produce this 8 minute video and send it to more than 250 schools.

"Young people, 15-19 years old were dying from driving injurie," the Program's director, Stephanie Lambers said.

The hope is that new and prospective drivers will watch, learn, and think before they get behind the wheel.