Horseshoe casino on track to open on time

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council got a report on the progress of the Horseshoe Casino construction project.

Project manager Jim Hess and General manager Kevin Kline told council Tuesday construction remains on time and within budget despite a collapse in January.

Kline is confident the casino will open on schedule in the Spring of 2013. "We feel great about the schedule, the team's upbeat on the site, the great tempo out there and we feel real good about the progress," said Kline.

Kline says now they're looking forward to opening what's being called an urban integrated casino. "We've taken great effort on how we organize the facility on that site, how we've designed the exterior, it's very open," said Kline.

With more than 350,000 square feet of space there will be plenty of room for gambling, drinking and dining. "We're very excited about introducing our horseshoe buffet concept to the Cincinnati community. We've got a very compelling evolution of that we'll be introducing.  We have a feature bar that will be located on the casino floor of a couple of thousand square feet," he said.

The casino is expected to generate about $100 million a year in gaming tax revenue.

Kline says hiring for the 1,700 workers he'll need will begin this fall. "If you come to our hiring forums and you're an upbeat, positive, outgoing individual and you have an aptitude for providing great hospitality, we can train everyone for all the jobs we have at our casino," he said.

He also says the casino will be forming partnerships with local restaurants, hotels and sports teams with the goal of making a visit to the Horseshoe a memorable one.

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