Jury Finds School District Liable For Gym Class Accident

25 feet!

That's how far Kasey Price fell when he lost his grip on a rope during gym class at Monfort Heights Elementary.

Kasey landed on thin, wore-out mats. He broke two vertebra in his back and had to wear a brace and undergo weeks of physical therapy.

The Northwest School District insisted it wasn't liable. And refused to pay Kasey's medical bills.

Two years later, a jury disagreed. Kasey was awarded enough money to cover the nearly $6,000 in medical bills. Plus more for pain and suffering.

"They'll be funds set aside in a bank account if he needs it if not when he turns 18 it will be turned over to him," his father, Mark Price, told FOX 19.

Lawyers for Kasey said the case boiled down to this. The jury didn't feel a 10-year-old boy had any business scaling 25 feet up a rope.

"We had a surveyor's pole that we opened up to 25 feet. The courtroom ceiling wasn't high enough to contain it," explained Mark Price. "And the jury during the trial kept looking up at the ceiling and they would look at Kasey."

When FOX 19 first broke this story, Northwest School District called police on FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi after he camped outside Superintendent Katherine Hellweg's office for her side of the story.

Hellweg refused to comment then. And she's not talking now.

As for Kasey, he says his back feels much better these days. But, when it comes to heights, he's still a little leary.

"I'm afraid of flying. And I'm afraid to go on some of the roller coasters at King's Island," he said.

At the time of the accident, Mark Price, a single father of three, just lost his job and was without insurance. All he ever wanted was the school district to cover Kasey's medical bills.