Defense questions alleged victim in Nate Webster teen sex trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The alleged victim in the Nate Webster teen sex trial took the stand again Thursday.

Nathaniel "Nate" Webster Jr. was indicted in 2011 on charges of gross sexual imposition, sexual battery and five counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Before the defense had their chance to cross examine the teen Thursday, the prosecution played the last of police recordings and showed a number of weapons from Webster's property.

The teen says that there would be firearms present at various times in the house or in the car when she and Webster were having sex.

The defense, however, argued the guns were never a threat.

"There's a lot of guns being flashed around [this courtroom] but there were no guns being used to force you to do anything in this case, correct?" defense attorney Gregory Samms asked the teen.

"Correct," she replied.

Samms went on to try and make the case that the teen felt free to leave at any time.

"Nate would never hold you, stop you, anything like that, correct?" Samms questioned the teen.

"No," she replied.

Samms argued that it was the teen who pursued Webster, referencing documents that show the majority of text messages between the individuals where sent by the teen.

Samms went on to ask why the teen did not tell her father about the first alleged encounter.

"[You] were with your protector for one week after you claim you were grouped by Nate Webster, correct?" he asked.

"Correct," the teen answered, later responding that she did not say anything to him about the incident in that timeframe.

The teen, however, says she did not reach out for help because Webster threatened the lives of her family if she told anyone, even threatening her father's career.

She admitted she was scared as a result of that threat, even with her father in the home.

"You're scared with your protector there with you? … The man who has all types of resources, correct?"

"Yes," the teen responded. "But he also does not have guns."

The defense then asked the teen why she retracted the dates of sexual encounters in August of 2009 when the defense says Webster was out of the state.

"I did give them those dates based on when I believed I started school," the teen said.

After looking at calendars, the teen says she admitted to being wrong about the specific dates.

"You realize that when you gave them those dates they charged Nate Webster with two criminal counts in August of 2009 based on what you said?" Samms questioned.

The prosecution, however, says the charges can be read to cover a stretch of time, beyond just one day.

On the stand, the teen also said she showed Webster her mother's sonogram, telling her she was pregnant so he would leave her alone.

After the teen stepped down from the stand, the prosecution called a former friend of the teen to testify. That friend says the alleged victim told her about the sexual relationship when they were both fifteen. When the defense asked the friend about how truthful she was, the former friend admitted the teen hadn't always been honest with her about other things throughout their friendship.

The trial will continue Friday. The prosecution still has one more witness to call to the stand. They say that witness is the detective that worked on the case.

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