Nine-Eleven Commission

Commission members prepare for Rice testimony

Members of the commission investigating the September eleventh attacks say they have a lot of questions for National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. She will testify under oath on Thursday. Republican John Lehman says he wants Rice to address the facts, and then explain how America can fix -- in his words -- "what has gone wrong so badly." Lehman says every agency from the CIA to the FBI to the FAA to Congress shares the blame for not getting tough on terrorism. Democrat Bob Kerrey says he wants to know why the Bush administration didn't put its plan to fight al-Qaida into effect. And he says he wonders what the administration did with the all the warnings it had in the summer of 2001. Lehman says he's not seeking to point fingers -- but he wants sweeping changes to make sure another massive terror attack never happens again. Both Lehman and Kerrey appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation."