Passerby Saves Child

Passerby jumps in pool to save toddler

A Cincinnati-area man is being credited with saving the life of a small child whom he observed falling into a backyard pool. Aaron Meyer of White Oak was driving home from a friend's house in suburban Groesbeck yesterday afternoon when he saw a toddler wearing a diaper fall on top of the winter tarp covering an above-ground pool. The 23-year-old Meyer hopped the fence and jumped into the pool. Meyer said he ran across the sinking tarp toward the girl near the middle of the pool. Her body was floating in about three feet of water. Meyer grabbed the girl and passed the coughing child to a friend who had been driving by when he noticed Meyer's car stopped. Another friend helped Meyer out of the pool. The girl, whose name was not released, was treated at the scene by Colerain Township firefighters and is OK. Meyer, who almost drowned under a pool tarp at the age of seven, said he was terrified when the tarp started falling around him.