FOX19 EXCLUSIVE: Woman Slashed; Fears for Her Life

Police have found the man accused of slashing his girlfriend's throat in Price Hill this weekend.

In an exclusive interview she told fox19 what happened...and why she still fears for her life.

"So then when I stand up I went like this...he slashed my finger and then when I opened my finger and took a breath...then he slit this."

Tressa Howington is recovering from a 5 inch slice across her neck....a cut so deep, police say her vocal cords were exposed when they found her on the street.

"Everything went numb," said Howington. And then everything was black. I couldn't see for a couple of minutes."

Howington dated Thomas Rahm for 6 months. She called him Thomas Reynolds because she never knew his real name
She says she never knew Rham was violent either until he attacked her in a fit of rage saturday.

Rham stands at
just 5 foot 5 and weigh
a hundred and 35 pounds
. He's
not a big man, but according to police, he's a dangerous man.

"No doubt he's a violent person...I mean he's shown a propensity to do this in the past," said Cincinnati Police Lt. Paul Brown.

He was convicted of slicing a man's throat in 1999 and then for doing the same thing to another man in 2001. A few months in jail was the most punishment he received.

eporter: "Are you afraid he's going to end up killing someone before he goes to jail for a long time?"

Howington: "Yea, Yea, and I'm the best candidate for it."

Howington hopes
ham gets convicted and gets a harsher punishment this time around
because when he gets out, she believes he'll kill her.

"He said that when he got out if I released his name and told them that he did it,m he would kill me