High School Student continues to fight to wear "Jesus is not a homophobe" t-shirt

WAYNESVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Friday was called a "National Day of Silence". Its intended to raise awareness about bullying and harassment.

Maverick Couch, 16, has filed a lawsuit against his high school for not letting him wear a t-shirt which said, "Jesus is not a homophobe". The Waynesville School District banned the shirt from being worn in school saying it was sexual in nature. That was what prompted Couch to seek a lawyer and file suit.

The district responded by saying a student's right to free speech is not absolute. It cites a Supreme Court ruling which says that "public schools have a responsibility to instill moral values in students and provide students with an understanding of socially acceptable behavior".

Supporters of the school showed up Friday morning and calmly protested. "We stood on the sidewalk in front of the school at about 7 o'clock this morning and we just came and prayed for the school in every aspect, even Mr. Couch", said Sharon Jewell. "I'm just opposed to tax dollars being spent on lawyer fees. Our district is about education and this is taking our focus off education and that's, that's what I'm opposed to".

Even though an agreement was reached which allowed Couch to wear his shirt Friday, he will not be permitted to wear it any other day until the lawsuit is over.

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