Covington rally for Trayvon Martin

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Dozens of Covington residents gathered for a "Stand For Justice Rally" at Randolph Park Saturday. Inspired by the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, neighbors wanted to talk about racial profiling and stopping the violence.

The media meanwhile, continues to stake out the Seminole County Jail in Florida after a judge agrees to let George Zimmerman out on a $150,000 dollar bond.  The neighborhood watch volunteer is facing a second degree murder charge in the shooting death of Martin.

Zimmerman's attorneys are expected to base their client's defense on the controversial Stand Your Ground Law which gives a person a right to defend themselves if they feel threatened. Kentucky and Indiana have similar laws.

Racial profiling was alleged in the Trayvon Martin case and some claim it even happens at the highest level. "We're looking a behaviors," said Covington police chief, Lee Russo. "We don't focus on a person because of their race, gender or ethnicity or such. We focus on a person based on where they are, what they're doing."

When violence strikes experts say staying quiet is the worst thing to do. "You have to speak up," said Bennie Doggett, president of Covington's Eastside Neighborhood Association. "The only way this violence is going to stop in covington is that the people have to take an interest and make sure they tell what happened," said Doggett.

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