Tell, Tom Consumer Alert

When Burlah Brooks opened up the envelop, the 81-year-old widow thought she hit the jackpot!

"I never dreamed I would own a BWM," she said.

Not just any BWM, but the slick 325xi sedan.

Burlah believed the car was hers for $29.95! "It looks official," Burlah said about the mail.

But before Burlah mailed back the $29.95 to claim her car, friends urged her to call FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Good thing, too.

The letter is from something called the Office of Property Transfer in Thornhill, Ontario. And it does state for $29.95 the "property" will be immediately released and delivered. In this case, the "property" is a BWM worth over $33,000.

Too good to be true? Absolutely. It's also the latest Tell, Tom Consumer Alert.

Detectives with Phone Busters, a Canadian agency that investigates fraud, says it's bogus and not to send your money. BWM Canada is also investigating and says it may seek an injunction to stop the cons from sending out the letters.

And here's what FOX 19 discovered: The address where you're supposed to send the money is actually a post office box at Mail Boxes Ect. And the telephone number for customer service? Nothing more than a telephone answering service!

In other words, Burlah has to make due with her 1995 station wagon.

"I wish you could get me that BWM," said Burlah. "I popped your bubble, didn't I," said Sussi. "Yes, you did!"

And if you believe you were duped by the same company, you can call Phone Busters at (1-888) 495-8501.