Moscow tornado victims wait to apply and receive federal aid

MOSCOW, OH (FOX19) - Many residents of Moscow are frustrated because they can't rebuild their homes. Since the March 2 tornado hit this village along the Ohio River its residents have been trying to put their lives together and their homes. But the latter hasn't been easy because many residents simply don't have enough money.

Those who were insured are rebuilding. Those who were not insured or underinsured are trying to wait until May 1, the first day they can apply for federal grants. Meanwhile, they are staying with friends or in hotels. "We've been in this one for three weeks. We were in an extended stay hotel for two weeks before that and a couple of other hotels before that," said Kelly Wells whose home was virtually destroyed. She and her husband Ken have spent some $10,000 to date but need $30-40,000 more to rebuild it back to the condition it was in before the devastating tornado hit.

"We've always been proud people. We're not ones to ask for a handout, we've never been that way. But we're in a tough situation now," Ken said. "They haven't given us a time frame or anything. Nothing's been guaranteed, nothing's been promised," he continued. FEMA money was denied for these residents because not enough people's homes were destroyed. Wells is mad at the government for not providing for its citizens in their time of need.

Some, like Jack Holland, 71, lost everything they had. He didn't have any insurance and now lives on a fixed income of just under $700 a month. "I don't know what I'm going to do," he said. "All I have are the clothes on my back, that's it".

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