Jury deliberating on Nate Webster teen sex trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Nate Webster teen sex trial is now in the hands of a Hamilton County jury. Attorneys delivered closing arguments Tuesday morning before the judge sent the jury out to begin deliberations.

Jurors will be considering seven alleged sex crimes including one count of gross sexual impositionsexual battery and five counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

During closing arguments, both sides walked the jury through their timeframe of the relationship, starting with the alleged groping incident in June of 2009 when the teen would have been 15.

"She went [to Webster's home] to get money for babysitting and left assaulted," prosecuting attorney Katie Burroughs said.

The defense later questioned why, if the teen was assaulted, she continued to contact Webster as phone records showed.

"Nothing she does is consistent with a violent act being done on her," defense attorney Gregory Samms argued.

The defense says the teen's testimony cannot be trusted, bringing up a neighbor's statement that the teen had alleged her father molested her, an allegation the neighbor testified he did not believe.

"If you would say that about your father, how far is it for you to say this man molested and raped me?" Samms questioned, pointing at Nate Webster.

The prosecution argues that when it comes to the case itself, the teen's story has stayed more consistent than Webster's. Prosecuting attorney Seth Tieger brought up the defendant's own lies caught on tape in a police interview.

"The defendant is the only admitted liar in this case," Tieger argued.

The defense, however, says police were leading Webster in that interview and feeding him dates.

"Nobody knows where they were two years ago June, I don't. You need some help with that response," Samms argued. "Especially if you have memory loss."

The defense, yet again, bringing up a post concussion condition they say affected the defendant's memory. The prosecution, however, was quick to question that alleged health problem.

"Somehow because you have a concussion you can remember all these specific things but just that one thing on the date, you can't remember that?" Tieger questioned.

In the end, the verdict will hinge on those dates in question. The prosecution maintains the sex started in 2009 while the defense argues the sexual relationship did not begin until 2010 when the teen was 16, which is the age of consent in Ohio.

"We agree. He did have sex with [the teen] when she was 16, when she was 17," Burroughs said. "But it started when she was 15."

"If you look at that statement, he never gives a day on his own about anything, nothing!" Samms argued.

Jury members will resume deliberation Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.

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