Tri-State Reaction to "The Swan

You may have seen

ox's new reality show "
wan" tonight.

omen are physically transformed through plastic surgery.
t's stirring up controversy among women---and men---across the tri-state.
show takes women who have low self-esteem
gives them psychological
therapy, physical
training, and extensive plastic surgery
transforming them into "beautiful swans."

oday we spoke to women, and men, about the show, self-esteem, and the pressure to be beautiful.
hey'll excersice, get nose jobs, liposuction, breast implants, chin implants and much more in an effort to become beautiful swans.

"There's like a lot of negative press out there that makes girls want perfect Brittany Spears bodies and pressures them to be model thin," says Aubrey Mckee.

"I think it's good that somebody's getting the chance to do something for themselves that'll make them feel good," said Melissa Crowe of Cincinnati.

We asked women and men the question: Can changing the way you look on the outside make you a happier person on the inside?

"I think it can on a certain level...because if you feel good about yourself you exude that..but our minds our skill sets, our spirit," said Tyra Oldham.

(keith Geyer)

What about a man's perspective? Keith Geyer tells us, "I think the pretty woman always catches your eye but I think it...what's inside quite honestly."

But here's the thing, women on the show..."will" work on their spirit too. they'll go through therapy to work on emotional issues and self-esteem.

"I was excited that they were going to work on the outside and not the inside," said Sedera Burson.

"If fixing your nose or making breasts larger makes you feel good than go ahead and do it," said Brad Petzel.

Overall some simply say, if a little nip and tuck---or in the case of "The Swan"--- a lot of nip and tuck--- will make you feel good, why not?