Reds honor Calipari, UK despite objections from fans

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The "Keep UK out of Ohio" groundswell has been running rampant on Cincinnati radio since Sunday night. It appears to be UC, Xavier and Ohio State fans who are protecting their turf. The calls came fast and furious into ESPN 1530 and 700 WLW.

Sports talk show host Lance McAlister was stunned by some of the things he heard. "Its they won't play us in basketball from the UC side of things. Its our city. They're outsiders. Don't let them cross the bridge," said McAlister describing some of the comments he's heard.

One caller said, "When was the last time Ohio State or anybody in Ohio won a national championship?" McAlister fired back saying, "Rob those are fighting words, you better be careful, you're poking a stick at them now."

UK basketball coach John Calipari brought the championship trophy to Great American Ball Park and to throw out the first pitch. "We've taken the trophy and gone all over and this was a natural thing...and easy place for our fans to gather," said Calipari. "But its not to be offensive to anybody."

Reds announcer Marty Brennaman weighed in saying, "I think it many cases people are complaining because whoever they support on a collegiate or university level, they may be a little bit jealous. And I think that's unfortunate."

The Reds have more radio affiliates in Kentucky than in Ohio and there are about 11,000 UK grads in the Greater Cincinnati Area. "Yet this city want to outlaw, ban, close ranks and keep the Big Blue Nation out of the City of Cincinnati," said McAlister.

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