Where your luggage goes after the ticket counter

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport was the first in the region to receive the new in-line baggage screening system.

The in-line system, which was received two years ago, runs from the check-in counter to the airplane. Bags are placed on conveyor belts, passed through explosive detectors then placed in the plane.

If an object inside the bag sets off the alarm, it's then passed on to agents who located the object in question. If necessary, they test it to make sure it's safe to fly on the plane with you. The entire process is recorded and the system can process 1,600 bags an hour.

"Well, for us, the greatest benefit is having a monumental reduction in injuries. As you can see from the other scene pre-automation, it was a very manual operation. We had a lot of injuries with our personal so from our point of view, that's the major benefit for us. For the passengers, it has speeded up the whole process," said TSA Agent Paul Wisniewski.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes from the check-in counter to the aircraft at the gate unless the bag sets off an alarm. The system costs $19 million with TSA paying $15 million and CVG paying $4 million of it.

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