Motorists voice opinions about Brent Spence Bridge plan

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Transportation officials displayed dozens of enlarged photos of the new Brent Spence Bridge renovations to Longworth Hall in Downtown Cincinnati Tuesday night. Several dozen citizens attended the public meeting which was designed to educate people about the construction.

The biggest issue surrounding the project is the exits at Fifth Street in Covington. Traveling southbound on I-75 a motorist will have to exit at Union Terminal, north of Ezzard Charles Drive. If they do not and want to get to Fifth Street in Covington they would have to go all the way to Kyles Lane in Fort Wright, and get back onto northbound I-75 and get off at Twelfth Street. Which is another issue in that motorists traveling northbound on I-75 from Fort Wright will have to exit at Twelfth Street, go through seven blocks of traffic including three traffic signals to get to Fifth Street.

Officials with the transportation department say the main reason for not wanting an exit southbound in Ohio is safety. "We're trying to separate local commuter traffic locals that are visiting the area from interstate thru traffic because right now with I-71/75 as it is that is a major safety concern because you have weaving movements and a large amount of congestion," said Rob Sans, Chief Engineer with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Another issue is that the area on the west side of I-71/75 near Fifth Street in Covington is that the area known as Lewisburg is a historic district. Officials say that presents problems in that government funds were used initially to designate it that and asking for more government funds to be used to tear houses down and then even more government funds to build exits is problematic.

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