Man Freed From Ditch

A 28 year old man became stuck up to his waist in a sand bank along the river in Whitewater Township around 3.a.m Thursday morning.

Vincent Gambill of Cincinnati and his wife Piia, 24,  told police that they were having an argument when they pulled into a gravel pit . His wife told police that Vincent got out of the car to take a walk when he got to close to the soft surface around a retention pool and started sinking near Watson Gravel Company on Suspension Bridge Road.

He had been stuck for several hours before rescuers freed him just before 10 a.m. At time of rescue he was conscious and has been air-cared to University Hospital to be treated for hypothermia.

According to Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Vincent was charged with Criminal Trespass, and Inducing Panic. Piia was charged with Criminal Trespass. Both husband and wife were cited and released.