Baby-Life Support

Court considers whether baby should stay on life support

A court in Akron is considering the appointment of a guardian authorized to make medical decisions for a five-month-old baby believed to be a victim of shaken baby syndrome. The baby is comatos and is on life support. Summit County Probate Judge Bill Spicer has set a hearing for Wednesday to consider how the case should proceed. Aiden Stein was flown by helicopter on March 15th to Akron Children's Hospital, where he persists in a coma, unable to breathe on his own. The baby is from Mansfield and is legally in the emergency custody of the Richland County Children Services Board. Aiden's parents are Matthew Stein and Arica Heimlich, And they oppose ending his life. The baby's breathing problems occurred while in the father's care. Matthew Stein has not been charged with any crime.