Nine-Eleven: Bush Memo

Bush gets support on response to memo

A member of the Nine-Eleven commission is backing up President Bush, when it comes to the now-declassified briefing paper from a month before the attacks. The memo spoke of efforts by Osama bin Laden to attack inside the US. Republican commission member Jim Thompson says "no reasonable American" could hold Bush responsible for the attacks. Speaking on ABC this morning, he said Bush was told in the memo that the FBI was conducting 70 field investigations -- and that he could assume that the FBI was "on top of the job." A Democrat on the panel -- Jamie Gorelick told NBC there's a "major game of finger-pointing going on." She said the panel's job is to "get to the bottom of it." And Democratic Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana says serious questions must be raised about whether the FBI is equipped to deal with terrorism. He spoke on CBS.