Fort Wright: mixed feelings on Brent Spence Bridge project

FORT WRIGHT, KY (FOX19) - Covington's loss could be Fort Wright's gain as officials in Northern Kentucky try to save the 5th Street exit off the Brent Spence Bridge. Federal officials took away the exit to Covington's business district when they drew up plans for the new bridges leaving no direct access to restaurants, stores and hotels in Covington.

Fort Wright could see a boom in business. If the bridges were built today, the traffic load to Kyle's Lane would increase dramatically. "It'll definitely help out the economy out here," said Skyline Chili assistant manager, Julie Stephens. "The waitresses are going to make more money. Hopefully we can get raises faster than we have been because everything's been a standstill here in the past five years," said Stephens from her restaurant on Dixie Highway.

Northern Kentucky officials met with federal bridge planners this week to try and get a 5th Street exit in Covington. "Keep your head up. We're all advocating together. Don't lose heart," said Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Chair, Brent Cooper.

Adding 5th Street Covington exits to the plans the federal government came up with has its costs...about $20,000,000.

Some estimates have the project taking ten years to build and work could begin as soon as 2015.

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