Who Can be a Mentor?

"Mentors are cheerleaders, advocates, tutors, and helpers to these children," says Maria Cholak, a mentor for nine and a half years.  Basically, mentoring can be anything you want it to be.  The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative matches you up with a student - the best fit for both you and your mentee.  They will customize a relationship that works with your time schedule and your interests.  The CYC only requires that you make one contact per week for a year.  That contact can be over the phone, an email, a postcard, or face-to-face.

Any caring adult over 18 years of age can be a mentor.  All you have to do is get an application either online at www.cycyouth.org or you can call CYC to have an application sent to you.  That number is 513-475-4148.

Once you fill out the application and turn it in, they will conduct a criminal background check.  Next, you will attend an orientation session and meet a School Mentor Coordinator at a public school.  That person will match you up with a student, or group of students.