Hunter wins vote count, a year and a half after the election

Tracie Hunter. Source: Tracie Hunter For Judge website.
Tracie Hunter. Source: Tracie Hunter For Judge website.

Attorney Tracie Hunter won election to Hamilton County Juvenile Court, 18 months after election night, winning by 71 votes.

Meanwhile, the first winner of that race, Judge John Williams, who has since been appointed to the other judgeship in Juvenile Court, has already been appealing the ruling that made Friday's count possible, the vote is facing a recount, and Hunter is already running against Williams in the other judge's race.

Williams was initially declared the winner in the 2010 race under an Ohio law that said that if poll workers directed voters to the wrong precinct inside multi-precinct polling locations, those ballots shouldn't be counted.  Hunter and the Democrats argued that is exactly what happened, and since Williams originally won by a couple dozen votes, that threw the race into dispute.  After months in the courts, a federal court ruled that those ballots should be counted.

Since the difference in votes is far less than half a per cent, it, like the previous count under different rules, will automatically be recounted unless Williams requests that it not be.

In the meantime, another judge resigned from the other Juvenile Court seat, which comes up for election in November, 2012, and Williams was appointed to the remainder of that seat by Governor Kasich. Hunter filed to run against him in that election.

Between the appeal and the two offices, there are many possible things that could still happen involving these two seats and candidates.  If either of them leaves the race for the 2012 seat that Williams now holds, their parties can appoint a replacement candidate by August, and if either leaves one seat for another, the governor could appoint a temporary replacement.

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