P&G responds to Tide cancer concerns

An environmental group is calling for changes to a popular laundry detergent they say contains a cancer-causing agent.

The group, Women's Voices for the Earth, says they commissioned an independent laboratory to test twenty popular cleaning products for hidden toxic chemicals from five top companies.

In that test, researchers found a byproduct called 1,4-dioxane in some Tide products. The byproduct is deemed a "probable human carcinogen" by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The two Tide products tested were in Tide Free & Gentle and Tide Original Scent. According to the group's website they also found trace amounts of the byproduct in Bounce Free and Sensitive.

Consumers had mixed reactions to the news Friday.

"I did not read that," David Booth said. "That's bad, that's bad news."

"I didn't know about that," echoed Kathy Engel. "I think that's scary!"

Other consumers, however, say the research has been blown out of proportion.

"Everybody tells you everything causes cancer, you know, it is what it is," Irene Hill said.

Hill went on to argue the amount of the byproduct found likely is not a concern.

"What difference does it make?" She questioned. "You're not drinking it."

P&G argues people should not be concerned, releasing this statement to FOX19:

"The safety and trust of the people who use our products is the foundation of everything we do.  We only market products that have been thoroughly evaluated for safety and meet all regulatory requirements. Trace amounts of the by product in question, 1,4 dioxane, are commonly found in food, the air we breathe and the water we drink.   Government agencies around the globe have looked at all the sources of 1,4 dioxane people contact in everyday life and have concluded that there is no risk for consumers.  For perspective drinking 2 liters of water that meets world health (WHO) standards would result in 4500 times the amount of 1,4 dioxane from using detergent.  A person would have to wash and wear well over 1000 loads of laundry every day to exceed a safe range.  As part of what we do every day, we tightly control and monitor our products and continually improve our processes to maintain quality and safety."

Women's Voices for the Earth says they are "calling on Congress to pass new federal legislation that requires cleaning product manufacturers to disclose all the ingredients they use in their products directly on the product label".

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