Iraq-Woodward Book

Woodward book says Bush kept Iraq war plan from some advisers

A new book says President Bush secretly ordered an Iraq war plan shortly after U-S forces attacked Afghanistan -- but he didn't tell his entire national security team. Bob Woodward writes in "Plan of Attack" that Bush feared people would think he was too eager for battle. He quotes Bush as saying, "It would look like that I was anxious to go to war. And I'm not anxious to go to war." Woodward's account of the run-up to the Iraq invasion will be in stores next week. The Associated Press has obtained a copy. The book says Bush told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to keep quiet about the Iraq plan, and when Rumsfeld asked to bring C-I-A Director George Tenet into the planning, the president said not yet. Even National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was apparently not fully briefed. It also says the head of Central Command at the time -- General Tommy Franks -- unleashed a string of obscenities when the Pentagon told him to come up with an Iraq war plan in the midst of the Afghanistan fight.