School Bus Beating

Camera captures student beating another on school bus

A central Ohio high school student is charged with a juvenile count of felonious assault after a video camera on a school bus filmed him hitting another student 27 times. Assitant Madison County Prosecutor Rachel Price says the attack happened on the morning of March 31st. Seventeen-year-old Terry Mahoney is accused of assaulting a 14-year-old student on a bus parked outside Madison-Plains High School in London on March 31st. The younger boy's mother, Kim Sifrit, says her son suffered a concussion and a fractured eye socket. The bus driver told officials he yelled at the students to stop fighting and then physically broke it up. If convicted, Mahoney faces a minimum of one year in juvenile detention. At most, he could be held in custody until he turns 21. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for April 26th.