XU alumni threaten cutoff of financial support over birth control policy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The battle over health care benefits and contraception has some Xavier alumni threatening to stop financial contributions. An online petition is getting a lot of response following the university's decision not to cover contraception in its health care plan.

More than 1,200 people have signed the petition asking Xavier to reverse its decision not to cover contraception. A competing petition in favor of the university has about 800 signatures.

The online petition to XU president Father Michael Graham claims the university's drastic policy change places an enormous burden on female staff, faculty and students who are now unable to access basic healthcare needs through their current insurance plans.

Some who signed the petition on www.change.org were a little more poignant in their remarks. "I realized today that I'm ashamed to have a Xavier bumper sticker on my car," said signer Katherine. "I adored my time at Xavier. I expected this from bigoted, hate-mongering politicians. Not my alma mater. Not my Jesuits."

Ann wrote in favor of XU saying, "Women have for too long been duped that contraception and sterilization are good for us. Let's be educated about the great gift of our fertility and hold the bar high for men to love and respect us for who we are."

Xavier has about 950 employees but does not know how many the change will affect.

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