Guardian Angels are Coming

The Guardian Angels are coming to Westwood around mid-June.  Their purpose is to help make the streets safer.  They will be living and patrolling the area of McHenry and Harrison streets.  The Guardian Angels Organization out of New York is paying for all the expenses, but Mary Kuhl, co-founder of Westwood Concern, is asking the community to help with some of the odds and ends to make their arrival a smooth one.

"We've got them a couple apartments and some office space, but they're also going to need some accommodations to help furnish that, like dishes or beds."

There will be a meeting Monday night April 19th in Westwood to tackle this issue.  The meeting is open to anyone in Cincinnati who wants to help.  People will divide up into committees and get involved with securing donations from local businesses and residents.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm.  To find out where it will be held, you can call the Westwood Concern number at 481-0761 or email them through their website: