"Ask The Expert" Sponsorship


Ask The Expert is a NEW FOX19.com franchise which highlights FOX19.com advertisers as experts in their respective fields. Thousands of Greater Cincinnati households will be exposed to this amazing community resource everyday. As an Ask The Expert advertising partner, your organization will further establish itself as a leading provider of comprehensive services and knowledge in your respective field throughout the greater Cincinnati area.


Online Package

-Premium Tile Ad Campaign ROS on FOX19.com
             -Category Header and Logo
             -Bulletin Board or Forum where visitors can post questions.
             -Interactive expert e-mail
             -Category Story / Press Releases
             -Optional Live chat when appropriate

On-Air Campaign

-:15 or :30  Ask The Expert  Shared Promo

This package is designed to make your initial cross media effort easy. The promotion, production, on-air and online elements are all included.

Ask The Expert will build the brand, credibility, and further establish your organization as a trustworthy resource in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Category Sponsorships

"Ask The Expert" categories include:

Health (examples:  Plastic Surgeons,  General Practitioners, Dentists, Health Care 

Sports (examples: Sports Medicine Specialists, Fitness Centers, Sports Stores, etc.)

Auto ( examples:  Car Dealerships, Auto Body Shops, Auto Parts Stores, etc.)

Community (examples:  Real Estate Brokerages, Home Builders, 
               Chamber of  Commerce, etc.

Business (examples:  Stores, Banks, Colleges, Law Offices, Consulting Firms,
               Investment Firms, Trade Schools, etc.

Additional categories can be created.  All category sponsorships include on-air promotional announcements.   For more information, please contact:  Rudy Minniti
at (513) 421-1919 or e-mail at rminniti@fox19.com