Ford Denounces Ad

Ford denounces ad showing computer-generated cat losing head in moonroof

Ford Motor Company is denouncing the release of an Internet ad that shows a computer-animated cat being decapitated by a power moonroof hatch. The ad is for the Sportka, a Ford hatchback that's sold in Europe. Ford says the clip was put together without its approval by the ad agency Ogilvy and Mather as part of a "virtual marketing" campaign for the car. It's a type of e-mail marketing, sort of an electronic version of word-of-mouth. The ad shows a realistic-looking orange cat climbing on top of the car and poking its head into the open moonroof. According to the Detroit News, the hatch slides closed, the cat struggles, and its headless body slides to the ground. Both Ford and the ad agency say the ad is "unacceptable and reprehensible." In a statement, they emphasize that the clip was computer-generated -- and no animals were harmed.