Butler Co. makes changes to inmate processing procedure

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Since January 1, the Butler County Jail has wrongfully released seven inmates with the last incident occurring two weeks ago.

Those inmates were quickly apprehended and returned to jail and now county officials say they've made some changes to ensure these incidents don't happen.

"It's human error, and a lot of the paperwork that is sent to us from the courts is very confusing," said Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer with the Butler County Sheriff's Office. "There is multiple charges from multiple courts. So it's understandable but still not an excuse. You still have to go through with a fine tooth comb and get the details right."

Chief Dwyer and Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones attribute budget cuts to be part of the problem.

"I think the lost personnel we had and the extra work took it's toll over time is what I see," said Chief Dwyer. "They're doing these jobs and they're doing multiple jobs."

Dwyer says it was some of the jails most experienced employees making the errors, which prompted personnel changes.

"We are going back to some 12-hour booking shifts that we had to get away from because of the budget," said Dwyer. "We also dedicated a person on first and second shift alone, where they don't have these other jobs or something pulling on these people and having to look at different things."

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