Proposed apt complex sparks debate in Madeira

MADEIRA, OH (FOX19) - A proposed apartment complex in the city of Madeira has some residents saying "Not in my back yard."

The proposed 184 unit Camargo Crossing would be built on the 5 acre site of the former Kutol property in the heart of Madeira's business district.

Scott Gehring is spokesman for a citizens group called Madeira Proud which was formed recently to halt the project. "We of Madeira Proud have listened to the outcry from the community and we don't think that this is the best use for that property," said Gehring.

Gehring says the best use would be as a commercial or mixed use development. He says his group is now trying to get the word out. "I think our biggest concern right now is that the people of Madeira don't know this proposal is in front of us. Madeira Proud is working very diligently to get the word out, we have a website Madeira Proud dot com and a facebook page," said Gehring.

Madeira Vice Mayor Tim Dicke says he has a number of concerns and doesn't think the citizens are ready for the project. " Everybody is scared 30 years from now, will it be still an upscale apartment building or will it be a lower end apartment building with section eight," he said.

In our commitment to balanced news we reached out to supporters of the project like Patty Bissano of Ferrari's Little Italy. "It looks like it will be a beautiful project and certainly it will bring a lot of people to Madeira and it could be great for business. The fact that its so close to the restaurant, it'll be good for all of us," said Bissano.

"The project will bring in more money with this development as an abated project, I believe, than it brings in currently. So the school district, in particular, is going to see increased revenues from this project without a resulting burden on the school system for the short term and at the end of that abatement period they're going to see a significant increase in revenue," said Steve Shaw with the Madeira Chamber of Commerce

Madeira residents will have a chance to weigh in on the proposal during a May 14 public hearing.

Mayor Rick Brasington says he's keeping an open mind and insists city council will consider the proposal carefully before voting on whether or not to approve it.

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