Moerlein responds to Reds fan's concerns over controversial ad

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Reds fans took to social media sites Tuesday to weigh-in on a controversial Moerlein Lager House Ad.

The ad placed in City Beat, touts the new riverfront hot spot as "Wrigley South", a term some Reds fans found offensive.

The lager house posted this statement on their Facebook Page in response to customer concerns:

Fans: We admit the upcoming promotion for the next Reds series was unfortunately misguided with respect to message, and we are truly sorry and apologize if we've offended any fans.

Our intention was to help cheer on our Reds and give visiting Cubs fans a taste of what makes Cincinnati so special, showcasing our great new riverfront and our city and to bring positive exposure to it. It was not intended to root for the away team, and we apologize if it was taken that way. We are Reds fans through and through. We are going to call this promotional event what it was truly intended to be "a rally for our Reds."

"Wrigley South, really?" Reds fan Mike Stokes said, looking at a copy of the ad.

"If they're looking to turn on Reds fans they got it wrong," Stokes argued.

Even some Cubs fans agreed.

"The Reds fans, I could see them being a little upset," Cubs fan Walker Bullington offered. "Because it's the exact same sign that says Wrigley Field."

"From our standpoint this was all about bringing more people downtown to celebrate the Cincinnati Reds in a win over the Cubs," Greg Hardman of Moerlein explained.

Hardman says the ad was only placed in a local magazine, and never meant to alienate Reds fans.

"We take full accountability for it and like I say, we apologize to the Reds fans and we definitely want to move forward and sweep the Cubs this series," Hardman said.

To show support for the lager house, Mr. Redlegs showed Tuesday up along with Red's COO Phil Castellini.

"These guys have worked very hard to try and put together a promotion to support the Reds this week," Castellini said. "And like some promotions do, sometimes they go awry."

Castellini admitted "Wrigley South" was not the best way to describe the Wrigley-like party atmosphere that is growing at the Banks and Riverfront area.

"We need to support that instead of challenging it because it's the most exciting thing to happen to the city in decades," he said.

Even Stokes believes the establishment should get more than one strike before they are counted out.

"I'll still drink beer there," Stokes said with a laugh, admitting it would take more than a bad ad, but maybe not too much more, before he leaves the lager behind.

"Any more of this stuff and I think they're dancing a fine line," he said.

Following their response on Facebook, Moerlein quickly changed the name of their pre and post game event to "Moer for the Cincinnati Reds".

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