Holton endures Tornado Watch on the eve of anniversary

Holton, IN (FOX19) - On the eve of the two month anniversary of the devastating tornados in the Tri-State, residents of Holton, Indiana braced for a Tornado Watch Tuesday.

When asked about seeing lightning and hearing thunder, Holton resident Shawn Kreider said, "It gets my heart beating a little bit. Ever since the storm two months ago it gets you kinda leary. Before you'd think 'oh, Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning, oh well'. But now, it's a little bit scary, it frightens you a little bit more".

Kreider was on the scene the afternoon of March 2 when the tornado killed two people and critically injured 2 more, putting them in the hospital where they remain today.

He said, "we were just worrying about each other and that was the only thing we were thinking about. Property was no issue. We didn't care about belongings or anything like that. We were just worried about each other".

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