Possible tornado rips through Mt. Carmel, Indiana

MT. CARMEL, IN (FOX19) - In Mt. Carmel along Hwy. 252, several homes show clear signs that a possible tornado passed through and many residents saw it all happen.

"I was looking out the window because the clouds looked odd and there was a skinny funnel cloud that only looked maybe 18-inches wide and it disappeared," said Joe Hasselbrock, whose farm was damaged. "Then off in the distance I saw a huge one so everybody went into the basement."

The tornado caused severe damage to Hasselbrock's barn, completely ripping off the roof. The storm also ruined two grain bins and damaged five buildings on the property.

There also was some minor storm damage near Trenton, Ohio where shingles were blown off the roof of  a barn and trees came down on power lines. No one was seriously hurt in Tuesday's dangerous storms.