Sharonville area businesses assess damage after flooding

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Damage is expected to reach into the millions of dollars in the Sharonville area in the wake of Tuesday's flooding.

At Watson's Pool and Spa, Manager Ken Tedrick says the high water took brand new hot tubs out of his back lot.

"We had approximately 16 spas that lifted up and floated down Mill Creek and they are sitting up against the train trestle bridge," said Tedrick.

Tedrick estimates damage at  $250,000 and it was a similar story at Shemin Nursery about a half mile away.  General Manager Dave Smith says damage was significant. "A couple hundred thousand dollars worth of damage. We have a lot of nursery product and hard goods on site, grass seed and that sort of thing and its probably all but gone," said Smith.

Smith says flood waters are hard on the plants.  "They can't handle this kind of water and the fact that this water is all muddy and it stains them, they're unsalable after that," said Smith.

At nearby Pitt Ohio trucking, Melinda Cramer arrived at work to find the parking lot turned into a watery obstacle course. "Watching stuff float, trying not to hit tires and pallets and garbage, propane tanks," said Cramer.

A number of businesses along Mosteller road spent the day mopping up including ValleyAsphalt and Micro Center electronics.

Ken Tedrick with Watson's says they've been through this before.  "It was 2001 classified as a 100 year flood. We had a lot of rain in a short amount of time and because of Mill Creek and the capacity it flooded, it flooded our front parking lot you can see as well as the side and the rear of our store and it picked up these spas because spas will float and they floated and every time they hit up against the train trestle bridge and they are blocked there until they water goes down and we can get to them," said Tedrick.

Tedrick says he's taking it all in stride and says it will give him a good reason to have a sale.

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