Fired fire chief answers questions about his ouster

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Outrage continued Wednesday, a day after Fairfield Township trustees made the decision to terminate Fire Chief David Downie after he served 25 years at that position.

The township conducted a disciplinary hearing and found Downie guilty on five separate charges in which he was accused of inappropriate communication with other township employees.

"None of the charges warranted termination, it was just their chance," said Downie. "Could things have been done a little differently, yeah sure, but no I don't have any regrets on that part at all."

Cory Stark: There are some that agree with the trustees decision. What's your reaction to that?

Downie: I have not seen many of those. When you look at 500 people on the 'Reinstate the Chief' Facebook, when you look at the letters to the editor. All the letters that I've seen there has been really no opposition. There was nobody at all the hearings in opposition. I'm not that naive to think that there is someone that thinks the decision was right, but I think it was an entire waste of taxpayer money.

Cory Stark: Have you had a chance to talk to some of the people you've worked with the closest over the last years?

Downie: Last night I received a text from one of the firefighters that I will always be Chief Downie to him and that he highly respects me. So I know where the support is.

Cory Stark: Are you going to appeal?

Downie: At this point we may, I think part of the process is to start a grassroots campaign. I think in most cases I can do more on my own to bring all this stuff to light and that this stuff doesn't get buried and that in the next election there is qualified candidates that will run against them. This and a lot of the other information that I have will come out and prove their inadequacies as elected officials.

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