Union, KY neighbors fight for storm strain relief

UNION, KY (FOX19) - Flooding is causing a problem for a Union, Kentucky neighborhood but not just during severe weather. Residents living along Whispering Trail say almost every time it rains for more than a day or two, they have to deal with flooding near their homes and especially on their driveways.

"All that storm water is coming into our property, into the culverts here and causing damage under driveways. It's causing retaining walls to collapse and its just becoming a major safety and hazard issue," said resident Jon Campbell.

The Boone County Offices in Burlington were closed for the day so no one was available for comment, but residents say they've been told repeatedly that this is a private issue. "That's a hard pill to swallow because we didn't ask for all this water," said Campbell.

George Raybourne, an original property owner on the street since 1986, has spent $11,000 to fix his driveway. "Its a lot of money to have to replace all of that for something that was totally out of my control."

Residents say the increase in water flow comes from additional housing developments in the area and they have to pay a monthly fee to the Sanitation District, which is in charge of managing storm water. "They've not done anything to help us at all," said Raybourne.

Campbell felt much the same way. "Its almost feels like you're being robbed," he said.

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