Casket Photos Spark Controversy

The pictures show the harsh realities of war...rows upon rows of caskets lined up with American Flags draped over each one.  The Air Force took the pictures for historical purposes, but they were then released to an anti-government website under the freedom of Information Act.  This has the Pentagon up in arms, saying it goes against their policy which bans media coverage of soldiers' remains.  Pentagon officials say the ban is not to cover up the human cost of war, but to show respect for the families who should be the first to see their dead loved ones.

"We must pay attention to the privacy of the families, that's what the policy is based on," says White House Spokesman Trent Duffy.

A military contractor also fired a cargo worker in Kuwait who took a photo of coffins and released it to the Seattle Times.  But many American citizens, including folks here in the tri-state, say the pitcures should be released because they show what's really going on it Iraq.  Here's what some people polled at Newport on the Levy had to say:

"I think they should've been released, it shows the reality of war."

"It is a privacy issue to families, but it is a reality check for the citizens to see what's really going on."

"The fact that it's showing exactly what's going on is making it a little more real, so I don't think they should get upset about that."