Northern Kentucky family forced out by house slippage

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - With most of their belongings in storage, Steve and Carol huff of Burlington refuse to spend another night in their home for fear that it will fall off the side of a hill. The erosion has dropped their land four feet in just four months. "The structural engineers told us last Thursday, get out now," said Carol Huff.

"Its just washing away, basically. Everything is sliding down and they're saying one good hard rain could wash that foundation wall away and cause our house to fall," said Huff. The huff's blame the Boone County inspector who approved building on their Majestic Prince lot which floods during heavy rain. Their structural engineer told them their home was built on fill-dirt that was not compacted.

Sanitation District One, or SD1, is in charge of managing storm water in the area. Executive director, Dave Rager says subdivision planning has a lot to do with storm water run-off. "It flows down in the watershed and if you are in the bottom of that bowl so to speak, you're going to have the rain run-off. What has to happen is the communities have to be aware of that and manage for it. "

The foundation of the Huff's home is pulling away from the concrete floor slab. "A good two and a half inches I would say," according to Huff.

SD1 says there is a process for filing complaints. "Start with your local community and if you can't, move it up to sanitation district, the county and we'll see what we can do," said Rager.

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