Former Bengals player reacts to increase in concern over concussions

A memorial is growing outside the home of Junior Seau. The former Charger's body was discovered Wednesday with a gunshot wound to the chest, an apparent suicide.

His death is fueling concussion concerns among professional athletes, specifically those in the NFL.

FOX19 reached out to former Bengals receiver Chris Collinsworth for his take on the increasing health issue in contact sports.

"It's a scary injury. You just don't know now only what's happening to you then but what the long terms effects are going to be," says Collinsworth who remembers his first and only concussion in a game against the Cleveland Browns.

"I got hit and I can remember walking off the field but I don't remember anything else that happened in the first quarter," says Collinsworth.

The NFL is more than aware of the issue but doctors admit the research for long-term effects does not exist.

Orthopedic physician Dr. Jon Divine with University Hospital says the medical community is just starting to touch the tip of the iceberg with concussions.

"I think we still don't quite see the big picture, where exactly is the injury occurring and what exactly is it doing at a cellular level," says Divine.

"Everybody involved now is trying to eliminate as much of the helmet to helmet contact as they can. The problem is there's no way to eliminate all the helmet to helmet contact without eliminating football," says Collinsworth.

And as long as helmets continue to clash on the field, concussions will persist. It's knowing when to stop that could make all the difference.

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