Gym teacher earns $3,000 online for PE equipment

BOND HILL, OH (FOX19) - Horizon Science Academy PE teacher Sean Emmett is changing the way he introduces physical activity to his students.

About a year ago, Emmett only had a small bin of basketballs, soccer balls and baseballs, not enough to get students excited about physical activity.

So Emmett logged on to the website to ask for donations for gym equipment.

$3,000 later, Emmett's gym now has two four foot basketball hoops, a balance beam, 12 jump ropes, four mats, 12 scooters, two hockey sets and two large impact nets .

"You go through the catalog, pick out what you want and then people get on the site and donate the money and you get it and it costs you and the school absolutely zero dollars," says Emmett.

The site allows any teacher to log on and ask for exactly what you need, collect donations then shop online to find it.

"They get so excited when they see something brand new in the classroom and then we get to use it and they get these huge smiles on their faces and it just means so much," says Emmett.

Nine-year-old Tiara Neal likes learning about different sports from Mr. Emmett and the new equipment makes it much easier to explain.

"Mr. Emmett is a very funny person and he likes to teach us new things like how to play soccer, basketball and how to use the equipment and how to stay safe while having fun," says Neal.

Without Emmett would have nothing to add to his classroom as tight budgets hinder Horizons from purchasing anything extra like PE equipment.

"Being that we don't have much money in the first place, equipment was not going to be a priority so really this DonorsChoose website has been a godsend," says Emmett.

If you are interested in donating or want to ask for donations go here.

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