Police investigating unruly behavior following firing of fire chief

The Fairfield Township Police Department is investigating reports of unruly behavior that happened after a meeting of the Fairfield Township trustees where the fire chief was terminated.

On Tuesday, Township trustees fired Fairfield Township Fire Chief David Downie after several allegations of insubordination towards township officials. After the decision was made, many residents expressed outrage, and police were called in to calm the crowd.

Since the meeting, two reports have been filed with the police department resulting in one charge of Disorderly Conduct issued against an attendee. Mark Hall, of Trenton, has been charged with Disorderly Conduct after a report filed by township officials.

Hall has also been the subject of a report filed by Township Trustee Terry Scharnhorst, alleging an offense of Menacing. Scharnhorst has declined prosecution.

Hall is due in Butler County Area II Court Wednesday.

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