Intersection where teens died is unusual

The intersection were two teenage girls Miranda Lane and Mathilde Jessen were killed on Thursday is U.S. Highway 73 and U.S. Highway 127 in Milford Township.

"It's almost like a 5 way intersection", said Austin Burkholder of Milford Township. "They don't consider whose turn it is to go. It can get bad sometimes. It can get so far backed up with people trying to get home. It can get very nerve-wracking".

The intersection has a sign that says "Do Not Block Intersection" but when Fox 19 News observed cars for over an hour there were dozens of them and all ignored the sign. "There's people always trying to get in and out of Huston Road and when one person blocks it all of them are backed up", said Tyler Wilson, an area resident.

The commander of the Butler County Sheriff's Traffic Unit told Fox 19 News that he doesn't recall any other deaths at the intersection but did say it was busy. Residents say a traffic signal is definitely needed.

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