Two years after being hit by a car, a woman runs the Flying Pig

One of the nearly 5,000 people who participated in the Flying Pig Full Marathon overcame huge obstacles to participate.

Two years ago, local doctor Alison Delgado was nearly killed when she was hit by a car while riding her bike in Anderson Township.

After intense therapy, she is back on her feet and running circles around the competition.

"I'm so happy," said Delgado. "This time last year when I was able to start the marathon, I told my husband, I told him, I wanna run it to show that I beat it that I'm back and I beat it."

Alison's prognosis wasn't good after the accident. With the help of friends, colleagues and her husband, who is also a doctor, she was able to cross the finish line.

"I just had so much support and my husband supported me all through my rehab and with all that support its hard not to do the best that you can," said Delgado.

The woman's marathon winner Rachel Bea says that Delgado inspires her.

"We've just been pulling for her and pulling for her, said Bea. "Just to see her do what she did today, it's amazing.  It almost makes me wanna cry and she is just absolutely amazing.

Delgado won the Flying Pig Marathon in 2005 and says she may even take on the Boston Marathon next year.

She came in fourth among the women marathoners with a time of 3 hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds.

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