Computer Engineer Cleans Toilets For Carrying Knife Through Airport Security

Don Caudill is facing felony charges in Montgomery County for carrying a 3 inch pocket knife through security at the Dayton International Airport in February.  He says he simply forgot to leave the Christmas gift from his boss at home.  While Caudill's working to clear his record by cleaning toilets for a community service sentence diversion program, an Indiana Congressman who brought a loaded 9mm gun through security received a much lighter misdemeanor charge.  That Caudill says is absolutely ridiculous and that's why he called FOX 19.  Five term Congressman John Hostettler was caught with his weapon at the Louisville International Airport April 20th.  Hostettler says he forgot he had the gun in his briefcase.  The Republican was detained for about an hour and allowed to take the next flight.  His misdemeanor charge carries a maximum fine of $500.  That's nowhere near what Caudill is dealing with.  The Clermont County man was held for two days in jail and is charged with a 3rd degree felony.  He received harsh treatment, in part, due to bad luck.  Authorities in Dayton said his name matched that of a man who had a previous concealed handgun conviction.  After the computer confusion was over Caudill was left to clear his name, pay over a thousand dollars in attorneys fees, and clean toilets for 40 hours of community service.  That's why the computer software engineer wanted everyone to know about what he calls a double standard.  He says he'll be watching closely what happens to Congressman Hostettler at a court hearing scheduled for early May.