Two Tragic Murders, a Father and Son

A Cincinnati family is grieving the loss of Michael Dean Senior who was murdered April 25th.  But the real tragedy lies here: just ten months before, his son Michael Dean Junior was also murdered.  Now the family wonders when the killing will end.

"It's very hard, the deaths being so close to each other, both of them being single gun shots, random shootings," says Mabel Dean-Patterson, the victims' sister and aunt.

19 year-old Mike junior was shot in Avondale last June.  The murder devasted his father, but right when he started to move on, his life was also suddenly taken.  Michael senior was trying to break up a fight when he was also gunned down.  Family members say neither father nor son knew their killers.

Kerwin Banks is now serving an 8 year sentence for the murder of Mike junior.  Donte Peoples has been charged for the murder of Michael senior.

The family now has to pick up the pieces again.  Their mother died of heart failure also during the same year.  The financial burdens of three funerals so close together are wearing on the family.  But they remain strong.

"I keep saying, God created us strong for a reason, we have strong faith, so we must trust in our faith and move on."

Michael senior's visitation is Friday April 30th from 6pm-7pm with a funeral immediately following.  It's at Allen Temple in Swiften and Commons.

There's is also a memorial fund to help pay for the expenses:

"The Micheal Dean Senior Memorial Fund"

c/o US Bank

425 Walnut Cincinnati, OH 45202