Lighting up Covington Catholic High School football

PARK HILLS, KY (FOX19) - A proposed zoning change could bring Friday night football to Covington Catholic High School. It is the only school in Northern Kentucky that doesn't have lights on its football field. Under the new ordinance, the school would be permitted to install lights around the field with some limitations.

Friday night high school football in the fall is a tradition in practically every school in the Tri-State area. "Our kids are just like every other kid in Northern Kentucky and across the United States. They have a great desire to play on Friday nights," said Cov Cath head football coach, Dave Wirth.

Park Hills Mayor Don Catchen said he has made this a priority since he took office in January 2011. "Friday night. That's tradition here. And I just think this school deserves it," said Catchen.

There appears to be only slight opposition from the surrounding neighborhood. "The loudspeaker. The PA system. That was my only request when I met with them that  it was to have it directed away from the houses here," said Sarah Good, who owns a home adjacent to Wooten Field.

Covington Catholic along with Notre Dame Academy across the street must cut through governmental red tape to make any additions to their property. The new zoning law would change that. "What (the new zoning) would do is allow them to do certain things within reason that they wouldn't have to go through the process anymore," said Martin Scribner with the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission.

The season kicks off in four months and there is a chance the lights will be on. "I hope the first game they have here is Friday night under the lights and I will be here," said Mayor Catchen.

Residents have two chances to voice their opinions on the zoning change. The first will be Monday at 7 p.m. during the Park Hills City Council meeting. The second chance will be June 7 at the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission chambers at 6:15 p.m.

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