U.S. releases $24M in stakeholder's cash for Enzyte victims

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The U.S. Justice Department says $24-milion has been released to pay people who bought products that promised sexual enhancement.

The money is from forfeitures of Forest Park-based Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals founder Steve Warshak and 10 others.

He was convicted in 2008 of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering.

Among their products was Enzyte, led by the character known as Smilin' Bob.

More than 138,000 claims have already been approved and new ones are being accepted.

Persons interested in submitting claims for remission should call the Berkeley Forfeited Funds Claims Administrator toll-free at 1-855-886-6887, or visit their website at www.BerkeleyForfeiture.com.

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