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FOX19's Sheila Gray

"Gray Brightens Mornings!"  That is how media critic for the Cincinnati Enquirer, John Kiesewetter, deiscribes Sheila Gray.

In a recent two page Sunday profile, everyone had something to say.  "At 3:30 a.m., or 9:30 a.m., the smile is always the same," says co-anchor and close friend Rob Williams.  "She's a great team player internally," says FOX 19 General Manager John Long.  "Sheila's ability to organize, switch gears and ask 'the tough questions' is key to our success," advised Pat Casey, FOX 19 News Director.  "She's always 'on', always thinking.  Sheila has a presence.  She just fills the screen," says Executive Producer , Jonathan Mitchell.

"Sheila treasures her friendships,"  says husband and author of the book "COP THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BADGE" Ric Robinson.  If you're Sheila's friend today, you're her friend for life." 

But there is more to Sheila Gray than her smile, commitment, and dedication.  She is an accomplished journalist and interviewer.  From  the Rev. Al Sharpton, John Glenn, and  George Clooney, to Sheila's childhood heroes,  Sparky Anderson, Pete Rose, and  Johnny Bench   FOX19 guests quickly learn Gray does her homework.  Glenn even commented  during his interview, "You've actually read my book!" 

Born in Sidney, Ohio,  Sheila's broadcasting career began after  she  graduated  Magna Cume Laude from Ohio University--in three years!  "I was in a hurry to get started," Gray said.  After a few months in radio news, Sheila made the switch to television.  Two years later she was anchoring the 11p.m. news.  The station was WSAZ NewsChannel 3, one of the highest rated NBC affilates  in the country.   Within a year, Gray was also anchoring the coveted 6 p.m. newscast.  While there Sheila received numerous awards  and was recognized by the Associated Press.

Since arriving at FOX19 in August, 1999, Sheila and handsome co-host Rob Williams have taken the morning audience  to new heights.  The FOX19 Morning News leads the ratings-war in virtually every demographic, including the ever-important 'women 25-54'.

Sheila lives near Cincinnati with her husband and daughter, Katie.  She is on the Board of Directors of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, volunteers at Katie's school and lectors at Blessed Sacrement Church, which she attends with her family.

"This is where I want to  be.  I have great friends  and  neighbors, and the best morning team anywhere,"  said Sheila.   " I am truly blessed."

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