Opening day for the Cleveland Casino: a taste of what's to come in Cincinnati?

CLEVELAND, OH (FOX19) - It's a big day for Cleveland and Ohio as the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland will open its doors Monday night. The Cincinnati Horseshoe casino is a long way from chairs and accent pillows but the folks here at the Cleveland site say it gives us a taste of what we can expect in the Queen City.

From rows of neon lights on the games to the rows of sparking lights on the chandeliers, much of what you see in Cleveland will be carried over to Cincinnati.  Jennifer Kulczycki with Rock games says, "The color palate, the experience, the attention to detail is something that will actually be replicated in Cincinnati."

But there are many differences. The Cleveland Casino is built in the old Higbee's department store in the Tower City Center, so there are historic details. Noah Hirsch the Director of Marking at the Cleveland Horseshoe Casino says "This isn't exactly the neon lights of Las Vegas. We've really kept true to the historic roots of the Higbee building as well as to everything it means to people."

The Cleveland casino also has multiple levels of gaming while Cincinnati will have only one with a banquet level. "Just the design and the structure is a completely different build than in Cincinnati where we're building from the ground up," Kulczycki says. "We want people to embrace the city that they're in and to work with businesses in the neighborhood to encourage the flow of guests between the casino and all the great attractions that both cities have to offer."

With Cleveland opening its doors as the first casino in Ohio, the plan to smooth the way for opening day in the Queen City.

The slot machines will start moving and the dice will start rolling in Cleveland Monday night at 9:30.

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